Who is DCIS?

So many people wonder what exactly we do and we know that often times when you hear the words agent or broker you first think of a high-pressure salesman. Unfortunately, maybe even someone who does arm twisting and has a goal of spending your hard-earned money. We want to change that mindset and show you that our local hometown agents have only one goal in mind: Helping our Clients Find the Best Possible Coverages to Fit Their Individual Needs.

At DCIS we offer a variety of services to our customers.

  • Individual Appointments- From scheduling in home appointments to meeting you at your favorite coffee establishment, or anywhere else in between, our service comes to you. We focus on your needs, budget, health, and lifestyle to compare available coverages. After all, Medicare plans are not one size fits all

  • Community Sales Meetings-Throughout the Open Enrollment Period each fall we hold community meetings that allow current and future Medicare recipients to come and participate in a presentation about Medicare Advantage plans in your area. These meetings allow you to gain information without the pressure to enroll. If you’re a current member, it’s a great way to get a refresher for the coming year.

  • Medicare 101- These educational workshops are geared at one thing…Helping you better understand your Medicare basics. No plans presented, no companies spoken about, just simple basics.

  • Staff Trainings/Service Organization Learning- You’ll find us using our teaching skills as we work with healthcare staff and service organizations to better their Medicare knowledge.

Being local agents is the key to our service, allowing us to keep up with what’s going on in our communities regarding healthcare. Year after year, month after month, we help keep you informed! Our expertise, your advantage.

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