Our Most Frequently Asked Questions: “I Have Medicare: Why Would I Need Anything Else?”

If you’re one of the 44 million people on Medicare you may be short changing yourself by thinking that Original Medicare alone will take care of all of your medical needs for your remaining years. Only one in ten beneficiaries relies solely on the Medicare program for health care coverage according to AARP and for good reason:

  1. Having only Original Medicare leaves YOU responsible for 20% costs after deductibles, which can ultimately add up to tens of thousands in out of pocket costs.

  2. Original Medicare has no “out of pocket maximum” to protect you in case of a catastrophic medical year. We like to think of this as a safety net so that the 20% never reaches devastating costs. Unfortunately, at this time Original Medicare has no such maximum.

  3. The Medicare program was designed to help beneficiaries with their medical costs, but it lacks additional benefits that are vital to health such as dental, vision, routine footcare, along with other crucial needs.

The amount of knowledge and experience that our agents have can take the advantages and even disadvantages of each of your Medicare options and lay them out clearly. Medicare is absolutely not a one size fits all program and that’s where we come in. There are so many misconceptions about Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Part D Rx plans, and Medicare Advantage Plans.

  1. Did you know there are Medicare Advantage plans available in many counties as low as $0/month?

  2. Did you know that Medicare Supplements have no networks and can provide secondary coverage at any provider that accepts original Medicare?

  3. Did you know that there are Medicare Advantage plans that offer dental, vision, and even gym memberships at no additional cost?

  4. Are you familiar with the Part D Coverage Gap, also known as the “Donut Hole”? Approximately one out of each ten people will reach this gap at some point in the calendar year.

Our services have no cost. Our brokers can meet with you in person, and because we are brokers we represent many of the most highly regarded carriers available. So what’s your reason for not getting personalized help? Want more details…we’re only a phone call away or stay tuned for our next BLOG.

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