Health Insurance Exchange

Marketplace Enrollment Begins Nov 1st, 2023:


What is The Health Insurance Exchange (H.I.E.)?

As part of national health care reform, health insurance plans for individuals and families are now offered through either federal or state run exchanges. The goal is to make coverage more accessible and affordable for those who do not currently have health insurance or have limited coverage.
Individuals and families may either qualify for private insurance coverage
available through health insurance exchanges or for state-sponsored Medicaid coverage and all coverages must cover ALL pre-existing conditions.
In New Mexico, coverage is available through a state-run marketplace called
BeWellNM. As brokers working with BeWellNM we offer all coverages and assist with enrollment from beginning to end.

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What is a 

In addition to viewing plan options, individuals can apply for subsidies which can help pay for a portion of their plan’s monthly premium. These subsidies can be applied on a monthly basis or when filing taxes and are based on an individuals’/families’ income, size and other factors.

When can 
I enroll?

Although the enrollment window is currently closed many people still have the opportunity to find insurance through a Special Enrollment Period.

Upcoming Enrollment is
November 1st, 2023

How Can I Qualify for a Special Enrollment Period?

• A Change in family status (marriage, divorce, birth, death, adoption)

• Loss of Employer Coverage

• Move In/Out of State

• Change In Income/Job Loss/Job Gain

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