Why use an insurance broker?

Our goal is to share with our clients all of the years of experience, insight, and advice that we have to offer. We strive to help those when they need it the most and to ensure that our clients’ needs always come first. That being said, welcome to our first blog. We are excited to share with you relevant information in hopes that you walk away with a better understanding of who we are and the many ways we can help make your life a little easier.

If you are reading this then you are most likely in the process of deciding not only if you need Medicare insurance or individual health plans, but whether you should enroll direct with the insurance company or meet with an insurance agent or broker. Many people believe that by going direct online or through a 1-800 number they are going to save money as well as make the process fast and simple. What most people don’t know is that as a broker our job is to provide a service at NO COST to ensure that you know all of your options. Our focus is not on the companies we represent but rather on you, our client.

Here are 4 reasons to use a professional to keep things simple, unload this burden onto someone else, and get rid of the stress of making this decision:

We are local experts working for multiple carriers

If I had to summarize our job description down into one sentence I would say: We help you start with and stay with the most cost-efficient insurance plan.

That’s the difference between a captive insurance agent/telesales number (who works for one specific insurance company) and an independent broker. Medicare is not one size fits all and plan options and rates are based on several factors such as age, location, and health. So, the best plan for one person may not be the best plan for another person. This is where working with a broker has a significant benefit. Because we represent several carriers in your area and we know the local options, networks, benefits, and costs. Also, a good independent broker stays on top of the Medicare news. They know what changes are coming for Medicare like the annual change in Medicare deductibles, which Medicare plans are no longer offering coverage, and which plans are newly available in certain areas. A good agent will help you avoid plans with big increases lurking down the road and gaps in coverage that aren’t obvious to you.

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They can help you stay in the “know”

An agent’s job shouldn’t be done once they help you pick out your initial plan. Staying in the best plan in often time mean knowing your options. Premiums are constantly changing. New companies enter the Medicare Market, and old ones decide to no longer provide coverage. You need an agent who offers their help every year. If you sign up with a captive agent, do you think they’ll ever call and advise you to leave their company’s plan and sign up with their competitor because their same exact plan is $30 less per month? That’s not a call you’ll ever get.

Skip the 1-800 numbers, choose convenience and a personal advisor

When you have a question about your coverage, if you get a bill you don’t think is right, if you are unsure whether your doctor participates in your plan, or have any number of questions or concerns who would you rather call?:

  • An agent that you have a standing relationship with who helped you pick out your plan and knows your personal situation, or
  • An insurance company who you’re guaranteed to talk to someone new every time you call and who you could easily end up on hold with for close to an hour and possibly transferred several times before they find someone who can answer your question.

Our clients that call us almost always get a call back within 24-48 hours and offer to personally help resolve their issue.

Our Services Have No Cost

Who doesn’t love free? If we help a client get enrolled in a Medicare plan, we get a small percentage as a commission from the insurance company. This commission does not affect the client’s premium or coverage at all. Your plan costs are the same whether you sign up for your plan with the insurance company yourself, or use us as your agent to help shop for the best fit for you. “You’re telling me it costs the same to go thru you as my agent rather than sign up directly with the insurance company? What’s the catch? How much do you charge?” Nothing! That’s the beauty of it.

It’s really a no-brainer to use an independent broker to help you shop for your Medicare coverages. It can easily save you thousands in healthcare expenses and most importantly can give you peace of mind knowing that you have someone looking out for your best interest.

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